Speaking Engagements

Kathleen Harrison, founder of Harambee,  will present slides and speak to your group about life in Kenya and Zambia and Uganda, experiences leading to the formation of Harambee, the HIV+ Kenyan families in the groups, women supporting HIV+  orphans in Zambia, and how you might enjoy expanding your world via travel to Africa or learning more about life and culture in  Africa.

To request a slide show presentation at no charge for your group or to find out more information about upcoming events posted below, please contact us .

"I am not a business person, I am not a missionary, I am not an entrepeneur.  I am a scientist, but first a woman and a mother.  My heart broke when I saw the cruelty and destruction wrought on innocent people by HIV.  You cannot walk away from those experiences and do nothing.  Visiting Kenya touched my soul and changed my life.  I will continue to talk and to show my photos--til my last breath--to get help for those people.  They are just like you, just like me.  They have faces, names, loves, dreams, worries.  An accident of birth brought them to a short life with much pain.  Each person I saw could just as readily have been you or me."