Today I received the following update from our tireless & trusted helper in Lalibela, Ethiopia, Desiye Melku.  Thank you to all who have helped these unfortunate good people.  You have literally saved lives & preserved much normalcy for children who are just as dear as ours here!  (Please click on photo attachments below.)


It's almost Mother's Day, coincidental with a show of Teacher Appreciation at school year's end.  Who needs more STUFF?  Give a gift that every mother will cherish, a gift like no other, a gift that will help change the world.  Same for teachers.  No hand lotion or potted plant ever gave a poor child a future!  

Humanitarian crisis in northern Ethiopia: "I am you & you are I, & what have we done to each other?"

We can name names.  We can show you pictures of those who have fled war & endured unfathomable loss.  They are not strangers to us, but our brothers and sisters.  They have come to Lalibela, beset with its own problems caused by the covid shutdown of the economy.  We already are feeding 250 children & their families.  They were starving before we were able to send donations to help them.  Fortunately, we have 3 trustworthy Ethiopian friends who are administering our food/education program.

New Ethiopian Crises

The coronavirus pandemic has caused new emergencies that we are responding to in Ethiopia.  When I visited Lalibella a year ago, I met a young man who contacted me about the terrible conditions in that part of Ethiopia brought on by not only the pandemic, but a recent scourge of locusts that devastated crops. 

The attached pdf provides additional details on Harambee’s involvement there.

Harambee's response to the coronavirus pandemic

We all are concerned about the health, economic & educational consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.  Mostly we focus on the impact in our own lives & the lives of our loved ones.  But there’s another big world out there (besides Italy & France, China, and South America).  Harambee is at the center of pandemic issues in several African countries and we’ve been drawn out of our usual way of doing business.  This is a story about our friends in Ethiopia.  We also have many Grow A Doc & Grow A Nurse graduates & students on the front lines i